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@John, I pretty much only work alone except if I'm answering people's questions and/or tracking down the bugs in their code. And I don't care about the grammar, I just find it impossible to read when the brackets are all over the place, so I clean that up too.
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2012 on New Programming Jargon at Coding Horror
Dude, what's wrong with "egyptian brackets"? That's the only way I've ever written code. For two decades. Putting a bracket on the same line as a conditional or loop makes everything in between a lot easier to read and indent. Putting the closing bracket on its own line at the bottom (sometimes followed by a comment on what it's closing, if it's a nested block) makes it clearer what the closing bracket relates to. Saves a line at the top, and the syntax reads cleaner at the bottom. I've always hated the style of putting opening brackets on the next line down...or closing brackets at the end of a code line. I fix other people's code into "egyptian" before handing it back to them because the other variants piss me off. In what way is this some new Stack Overflow craze? Do you think I read stack overflow and came to a sudden realization that this was a way to write code? No. This is the way clean code looks. And has always looked, whether it's in C, Perl, Actionscript, PHP or anything else that takes a lot of brackets. Some Perl and C++ coders' tendency to put the opening bracket on next line is, honestly, stupid-looking and hard to read. Python and Ruby coders might get a pass for just having a completely shitty-to-look-at language, but using Pythonic formatting in languages that take bracketed conditionals is just a magnitude of stupidity higher. if (you.cantRead(this)) { youSuck(); }
Toggle Commented Jul 21, 2012 on New Programming Jargon at Coding Horror