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Joshua Jordison
Los Angeles, CA
I am interested in effecting positive change, in the lives of others and for the good of us all.
Interests: music, society, art, learning, marketing, language, photography, culture, poetry, living.
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GroupCreate Post 1 (10-19-09)Hey Everyone! I thought I would do something different, and post my review of Getting Things Done, in the form of an audio file. Enjoy!!! -Joshua Jordison Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2009 at groupcreate
Hey everyone! I have created a groupCreate Channel, on Vimeo. You can click the above badge, to go check it out. If you don't have your own Vimeo account, I strongly recommend you get one. Vimeo is one of the best video hosting websites around; and, it's FREE! I have already uploaded one video (a tutorial, originally made for Cynthia Scott). If you are interested in adding your video(s) to our new channel, please send me an email. Have a wonderful week! -Joshua Jordison Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2009 at groupcreate
Posted Oct 18, 2009 at groupcreate
Here is one way to make use of the $10 spent, on the StrengthsFinder test: Put your results on your personal website, as a resource for possible employers to evaluate your effectiveness, or simply as a supplement to your resume. Here is a direct link, to my "About Page", where you can find my results. Best of luck! What are some other creative ways to make the most of the StrengthsFinder application??? -Joshua Jordison Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2009 at groupcreate
College is widely accepted as the premier vehicle for achieving personal and financial success. Every year, more students set-out to find their place, in the market. "Is a college degree worth what it used to be; and, is earning one the best way to push oneself into a life of success?" Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2009 at groupcreate
David Allen speak to Google, about productivity. Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2009 at groupcreate
My strengths are as follows: 1. Ideation 2. Strategic 3. Individualization 4. Futuristic 5. Learner Looking forward to the matrix. I would love to see everyone participating in "projects". I think that is a great idea! -Joshua Jordison Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2009 at groupcreate
The creation of an educational model, which is customizable, by the individual student, certainly would have its advantages. Of course, one must assume that the student would not only be willing, but capable of customizing their own educational model. I agree with the book, regarding the fact that Americans seem to focus a significant, and possibly disproportionate amount of energy on improving their weaknesses, instead of capitalizing on their strengths. I can think of only one field, which seems to encourage one to capitalize on ones' strengths - the arts, especially music. The irony of this is that art is all too often marginalized, as though it is "above and beyond" that which is required by society. Furthermore, I have observed that an overwhelming amount of what some may call: "child prodigies", are, in effect, pushed into greatness, by their parents/guardians. This makes me wonder if the answer should be found in the child/student customizing their education, or if it lies in the parents/guardians customizing it, instead. Also, how often does one see a parent create a finance prodigy or anything of the sort? It is something to think about. Indeed, one must consider the implications of parents/guardians being trusted to properly customize an educational model. I think the outcome is obvious. The apathy so often found in students is only overshadowed by the apathy found in parents/guardians. Consider how many parents/guardians send their children off to public school, never check on their progress, and then blame "the system" for their children's illiteracy or ignorance. I have seen this happen, within my own extended family. Lastly, I would like to point-out that perhaps this idea of "self-directed education" may only be applied to higher education (college, graduate school and the like). It certainly would seem more feasible, since the student would be better aware of what it best for them and the parents/guardians would not be included in the equation. Being a college student, I have found that I must self-direct my own education. I always learn more from 1 hour, spent in a library or bookstore, than in a 3 hour course, which has been designed to relate to ever student present. My learning style is nearly always different than that of the student to my left or to my right. Would building a model that allows all students to customize their learning experiences lead back to the same problem? That is a question which needs to be addressed, lest the road to literacy and knowledge be further muddled. -Joshua Jordison
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I wish you all good luck in your purchases; and, let's support the little people! Continue reading
Posted Aug 30, 2009 at groupcreate