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Joshua Rogers
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Cool - can't wait to watch this when I get home... You know, Wil - for about 4 years I've been trying low-pressure ways to gauge my fiancee's interest in playing some games with me, but nothing has really worked (except Scrabble - she murders me at Scrabble). When Tabletop started, I started watching them with her and we enjoy them immensely. And then - it happened. Last week, she came home with a freshly-purchased copy of Tsuro. So I doff my hat in thanks and offer you a hearty "Well played, sir! Well played indeed..."
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I see you've got the Cathartic Knife Holder, as well... That's so totally something you'd have around. Also, I can't wait to see [REDACTED]. Bet you didn't think I could figure it out, did you? You're just lucky I'm playing ball.
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May 23, 2012