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Finally managed to track down a demo model at the airport in Hong Kong (living in a non-major city in China, all the big electronics stores have the fake display models on display, but no working models). I was *very* disappointed in the OVF! It suffers from internal reflection problems in bright light and is very intolerant of being off-axis, or too close to the eyepiece. To not have any fringing I had to have my eye a good 1/2" away and perfectly on-axis. I understand the compromise involved here--in order to have room for the pop-up flash they had to do fancy footwork with the prism to route around it, losing coverage and optical quality in the process. I wish they'd gone the route of the X100 and had a straight-through, 100%+ finder and a flash elsewhere (or not at all!). Definitely a won't-buy for me.
To stand this idea on its head, here's a recent keyboard photo taken with a film camera (Canonet QL17 GIII, in the process of being resurrected):
Oof-- look at the picture of the bike against the corrugated metal-- quite soft at the edges, even at f/8!
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2011 on X100 Update at The Online Photographer
Unfortunately this may also introduce weird scaling artifacts since it stretches/compresses images (in Flash) to fit the browser window.
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