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Math, Art, Food and Fiction
A graduate student in Mathematics who is doing application work in Electrical Engineering, and has hobbies
Interests: Fiction writing, cooking, theater, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, Chicago, photography
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I just saw something on my dashboard: "create your blog by publishing a post" and a button below the box in which I'm typing this that says "Publish & Activate Your Blog." Sounds interesting, so I think I'll do that and see what I get. Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2017 at Math, Art, Food and Fiction
"rerouted my phone through the landline" read: re-routed it through the modem. Oops. Bad proofreading on my part.
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Having had the misfortune of using Uverse, I can vouch for the incredible unreliability of the service as can many people. I ran into the widespread problem of having a modem that constantly rebooted, and since the technician rerouted my phone through the landline when he was here (NOT at my request), every time this has happened, my phone has gone dead. I live in Chicago. I can only hope that if some psycho is trying to force my door, someday, or some other emergency arises while my modem is restarting, that either the psycho or the universe will be considerate enough to wait until all of my lights are green before continuing? :) This is the theory? This represents a real safety hazard, one which the customer should be free to opt out of.
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I think you're confusing Conservatives with Libertarians.
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Really? President Trump said that he was going to get rid of Political Correctness? Let it never be said that the man is lacking in ambition. That would be a huge undertaking. I'm just not sure that even a president can achieve that. PC is deeply entrenched and has been for at least a generation. I'd be glad to see it go, I'm just not too optimistic.
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