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I agree with the comments above! Book 3 it most definitely NOT about choice (she made that in New Moon when she left Jacob to get Edward in Italy). In the movie New Moon Bella tells Jake, "...don't ask me to choose, because it'll be HIM [Edward]. It's always been him." So Eclipse is about being steadfast and making that life altering decision to marry Edward. In the end of Eclipse she's 100% certain this is what she wants. Here's some more examples: Bella and Edward can never be separated because they were "irreversibly altered" (Bella, end of New Moon) and "moved like magnets" (Renee, beginning of Eclipse) whenever they are around each other. Sure, in THE END of Eclipse Bella sees a potential future with Jacob, but there was never a choice other than solidification of wanting to be with Edward. This is what makes Bella strong! She knows what she wants and sticks to her guns. That is what gives her the backbone and not the wishy-washy 'I think maybe I like Jacob more today and I'll do what I want Edward, thank you very much' (like in the school clip). The scene where Bella ditches Edward at school to ride off with Jake on the bike... that is a blaring example of my point. Bella would NEVER do that! Being away from Edward "brings back abandonment nightmares" (beginning of Eclipse). Her decision is solidified IN THE END after she finally kisses Jacob because he manipulates her into doing so so that he doesn't let the vampire army kill him in the fight. Alas, she is saddened because she cannot have both; she doesn't love Jacob enough and still picks Edward. How come all the fans get this? How come >85 million are all upset? Maybe it is not our unified interpretation, but the screenwriters'. Just saying.
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Jun 14, 2010