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seems like spo talks out of both sides of his to see mike get more minutes but really tghe best thing would be for chalmers not to play at all. the guy has been lousy since day one.
hey wax, actually i like beas a lot better than ud but not in love like you.
hey josh... you must be the resident gm. stupid what? the guy played great the first half. nothing in the second and then missed two free throws and made a stupid behind the back pass. stupid? go look at your beas ass kissing self!
omg! with this beasley crap. get over it> the kid is good but no where near great as some of you guys think. everyone on the heat staff forgot more basketball in the last 15 seconds that the experts here. if he was as great as you think he'd be playing 45 min every night.
face the facts... wade lost the game. two missed ft's and a bonehead pass! c'mon get real with the beas and spo crap!
Spo lost the game? Damn you're insane!
Chalmers slows everything down. Game changed when he came in.
Wade pulled a Favre!
when the hell was chalmers a good defender? bibby used him last year!
Chalmers is GOD! In all seriousness the guy has been the weak link for two years! Could it be 3?
hey sporon... u just don't get it do you? Wright played well but for the last time beas was crap tonight!
hey sporon... get a grip. beas was horrible. wouldn't have scored 20 if he played 60 mins.
just like against the lakers... chalmers loses his man.
haslem didn't need a breather. beas was just being outplayed by everyone. i'm a beas fan but tonight he was horrible. haslem deserved the mins.
i lkike beas but tonight he was horrible. haslem played well so save the beas didn't play late in the game crap. if you were at the game or watched the game you know the heat lost because of chalmers. they guy is horrible.
eddie never scored in the fourth. could never be found.
wade has 2-3 good years left
this 2010 crap shoot is hell for fans. i remember something like this happening a few years ago. heat wanted either mcgrady or hill. they came up with eddie jones who was awful.
this one's on spo. terrible rotations
actually it wouldn't surprise me if wade had beasley benched for haslem
van gundy and jackson nailed it!
too much chalmers and Haslem. Wade was pedestrian and outplayed by Roy.
thank god. he's been the weak link on this team for two years.