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As for Nuke, too funny, the only way he will get in is if RON PAUL gives him all of his delegates, you know all the ones the whatever you call them won’t admit Paul has. Remember Nuke after Florida – what did he say – time to change gears and campaign for delegates rather than states????? SMART as smart as not qualifying to get on the ballot in five states. REAL SMART, oh I forgot the only way Nuke is getting in is to buy Paul’s delegates by putting Paul on as VP to get his votes – politics at its best!!!! ANYONE BUT uBAMA
I don’t think that Flake has it; he is too much like his mentor McCain, a fish out of water flopping all over the place, the people of Arizona are not going to agree with his record. As for Cardon, feel sorry for the young man who is trying to do something without his dad’s hand on it – say Agenda21 folks, besides Cardon is becoming transparent with his softball jabs at Flake, the kind that have no merit except for blind followers. Like I said Wil Cardon strawman for Jeff Flake or is that fall-man?
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Feb 21, 2012