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@Andyj75: credit card companies do not want retailers to display or store any other digits than the last 4, the last 4 digits are considered OK, they're shown on most receipts etc. The PCI requirements have a lot of very strict rules about how all credit card data must be stored or the retailer risks having their merchant accounts closed. Many retailers like Amazon do store the full details but they do have to follow the strict rules which almost certainly would prohibit sharing them for this kind of verification. The scary thing about the attach on Mat Honan's accounts was the multiple front attack, they got Amazon, Google and Apple. All three had some set of *almost* reasonable practises but the slight variance between allowed the compromise of one account to lead to the next. This isn't a "people" problem or a "system" problem, it sounds like a process problem. I remember one company claiming that their practises weren't followed but that is a process problem, not a people problem if it's as frequent as it seems. It's good to finally have had another blog post after a month, I guess it was the jury duty or something from the look of Twitter? A series of posts about hacking would be interesting.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2012 on Computer Crime, Then and Now at Coding Horror
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Aug 6, 2011