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Thanks for sharing this one. I have some great memories from the early to mid 80's of those exact books and your descriptions gave me some flashbacks to some old, faded, and worn books of my childhood. Thanks to those books, I loved The Hobbitt and The Lord of the Rings. Thanks to Tolkien and HG Wells, I am getting ready to graduate with my degree in English. It's amazing how many of us had some very similar experiences regarding gym. Me? I was picked right after the big girl with thick glasses and held the disctinction for being the only kid that struck out at kickball - on more than one occassion (no joke). Now? I'm proudly teaching my three children about Star Trek and why the guy in the red shirt never comes back. They wanted to know "What happens if the Captain dies while they're on the planet?" I got to tell them how he'll never die. ;)
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Mar 5, 2012