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Thanks for mentioning me. I think you'd be surprised how quickly Twitter connections become true friendships. While I live far away from the Hadricks, I keep in touch with Troy and lots more farmers in the day to day, but have even more fun when we finally get to a meeting somewhere and can sit down for a while to go beyond 140 characters! Hello to my friends in Narrabri, Goondiwindi and Sydney!
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I think the idea is probably based on motives of reducing health care costs, etc which may sound good and certainly healthy is far better than unhealthy, but I don't see that taxing to health works in the US. Cigarette taxes are a grea example. There are new smokers all the time. They put up with the tax. So is the goal of the tax to help cover the costs of poor health or to provide people a reason to stop bad habits? If its the second, then they will not be successful in my opinion. Education efforts are far better at making that impact.
I agree. People have so much more control over their daily outlook and happiness than we give ourselves credit for. And since many of us reflect the things around us, we need to consider surrounding ourselves with people who can encourage positivity and happiness!
We certainly think 300 bushels is possible by combining good genetics, technology, agronomic practices, etc. With the challenges on population growth, it is critical we find ways to do more with less.
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Feb 21, 2011