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Quo Vadis
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Not to be confused with Robert Guilaume, still alive, whose witty lines as Lt. Gov. Benson DuBois also brought great joy to us all...,%20Robert
In my defense, I had had closer to 3 or 4 glasses of champagne and no food. And I don't think that is what I was trying to figure out...I think it had something to do with figuring out how old she was when she left her home state. But I admit, the circle I was apparently drawing was eerily concentric with that suggested by Prophet. And kudos to Prophet for what may be his very first post without spelling errors!
I completely forgot about that story, but it still makes me laugh to this day. I wonder where that perosn is...and whether she reads LRB? QV.
Regarding definition #2, I hope it is similar except for the "sexual relations" part. I think that when one "receives" sexual relations from a parent or child it usually falls under the topic of criminal law... QV.
Stupid TypePad posted my comment three times. AND Prophet has not seen fit to give me the authority to delete my own posts, so I cannot remedy the problem. Hm. Shouldn't Prophet have known that was going to happen?
Oh, I am. But I decided that I would make a special guest appearance. I couldn't let animal sex go by without commenting.
A goat as a wife? What does that say about the women of Sudan??