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Jeff: Here is what to do. Plug your Stuffs like this. DVI-1: DVI Cable in LCD1 DVI-2: DVI Cable in LCD2 HDMI: HDMI to DVI in DVI Cable in LCD3 or HDMI: HDMI Cable in HDMI to DVI in LCD3 Use an HDMI to DVI cable or adaptor they are dirt cheap. they range from From 0$ to 20$. check your LCD-DVI cable-end, to choose the proper adaptor. HDMI is mainly to allow easy plug-in with HDTV so that your HDTV setup is not using 2 cables to connect Digital Sound and Digital video. A few useful videos how-to : 1.The cables: HDMI acts as a Dvi Cable and a SPDIF cable into one. DVI is a mute digital signal without sound of a certain resolution and refresh rate. While VGA is an Analogue Signal of a certain resolution and refresh. RCA, S-video and Composite are the same Analogue Signal NTSC/PAL but over different cable. 4. Your LCD normally receives a muted digital signal of a certain resolution from the DVI port 5. The Resolutions you choose on an HDMI port depend on the Receiving Hardware compatibility. I mean that if you select an output resolution for your HDMI port compatible with your LCD monitor, it will work. 6.Some projectors only have an HDMI ports but dont use HDTV compatible resolutions. Some HDTV accepts 1024 by 768, others only understand HD resolutions, etc.. so your videocard should be versatile. Hope It help There is a lot of video blur going-on.
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Apr 6, 2010