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Now I'm just saying what I heard from the broadcasters of the preseason game between the Celts and T-Wolves on ESPN... I know there are certain guys in here that are going to come out and attack me, but again this is just what they said... The guy with Hubie Brown that I don't know his name said that he was recently at Heat camp and Wade along with everyone else are extremly concerned about Wade's knee and that Wade said that January might be the time... I haven't heard this anywhere else, but I also know that ESPN would not release something like that unless there was some truth to it... I hope it isn't true, but I would think that it would be all over the local news if it were true... I have thought all along though that Wade's surgery was much more serious than they initially insinuated to us, but we'll soon find out
Screw the Gators... If that was a Hurricane, he'd probaly be suspended for the year, and maybe kicked off of the team... The Gators have had 8 players arrested in less than a year, so somethinng needs to be done with Meyer's out of control team... They think they are above the law!!!! Go Canes!!!!
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I don't know about this team, and it's not due to a lack of talent, but a lack of durability... We have the horse's to be a good team, but I don't know if J-Will, Shaq, Wade, and Zo can stay healthy... They usually don't, and in my opinion, are the 4 most vital pieces to this team... We need guys that can stay healthy, and what a coincidence that the year they stayed relatively healthy, we won a championship... What a surprise!!!
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We are not even a week into training camp, and ZO, Shaq, Walker, Smush, Simien, and Wade who we already knew his situation are missing time due to injuries... This is ridiculous, and I don't know if we have the horse's that can stay healthy... We have talent, but not durability on this roster!!!