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Ross dropped a classic, 3rd highest selling rap artist this year, dude far from flopped.
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50 is that dude, but no way I play his shit with the windows down. I might get laughed at.
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Shits retarded. fuckin name had nothing to do with Rick Ross success.
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Cant wait for july 20th. shits gonna ride.
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Agreed this isnt Ross' strongest lyrical displays but the song is tough as hell, MC Hammer and Moeny Maker are strong also. You want lyrics, listen to Knife Fight, I think he gets Kool G Rap on that one.
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Couldnt have said it better my fn self T dog
I am beginning to think coaching staff is being stubborn, and doesnt want to admit its mistake. Its painfully obvious they are whiffing on Beasley and Arroyo. Cmon guys, get it right, you will get no I told you so's from me.
I think we should take more 3 pters.
Its a wrap, our team is tired. Beasley is crucial to our rotation.
Why cant a Heat player keep a guy in front of him?
This was alot better game 20 minutes ago
Still way behind, did they take the brown blazer off Jimmy Jones?
Im 20 minutes behind, wow Wade is killing em.
am still trying to leave game, traffic is as bad as game, terrible game, our coach sucks, wad e wtf, I can't say you suck cuz, but damn, bron is a chunp, still in parkin lot, traffic sucks, fu cavs
Honestly I can say it will be a joy to hear talk radio tomorrow, no more Mark Sanchez will have more rings than Marino, no more Jets will take over Miami. Jets can enjoy the Bowl just like the Dolphins.
Favre chokes once again, they robbed the Vikes though, oh well Great Super Bowl Colts/Saints.
I like Durant I do, but do something first. He is extremely talented and having a fantastic 43 games to date, but until there is something tangible done in a playoff game, or maybe a big game like last night, then I have a hard time putting him in the same class as a Big 3, which people are so quick to do right now.
For Durant to be even close to Wade, he has to finish big games and get the W. That is what Wade did and that is what separates him from the other players in this league. Wade,was a strong finisher from the beginning of his career. It wasnt something he really had to learn, he just had it. The other guys, even Kobe, had to take time with it. I still question whether Lebron has it, he always seemes resigned to let other players do the heavy lifting, for the most part. Durant, MVP, candidate? Please, make a clutch shot or two, in a game that matters, heck maybe evena playoff game. #3 did, his first ever playoff series and hasnt looked back since.
OOHHHH SHHHHH THe Cavs gonna feel the Heat gonna slay these duded, Wade plus 45 8 asst 7 rebs. gw steal and score.
wade again shows he is biggest man on the court
Couple little things that could have went our Way and Wade would having a strong argument for MVP. Still he has another half of season to get those credentials up. See you monday Bron Bron
Wade should have two buzzer beaters, one against Nets for 3, and the Epic one would have been steal and dunk against Celtics.
I know it would be nice to have a competitive game with Wade playing well and get that 50+ game to get him in his proper place at the top of the NBA hierarchy.
Damn Beasley almost had that double double for the first half