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One other thing...... the Fins ran Zone coverage the majority of the time the D was on the field this past season. S.Smith is not a zone CB. He's big and physical needs to be in a man or press coverage to be effective.
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I keep hearing alot of folks saying Sean Smith isn't worth 8 million per year. Although he isn't worth that if the Fins release him WHO do they replace him with? Releasing him only creates a hole,and with so many holes already why add to the list? And please don't say run with D.Patterson and R.Marshall those guys couldn't cover their own shadow...... also if the Dolphins keep Patterson without a redo of his current deal he'll cost as much as S.Smith would've to resign..... so what you folks are saying is Patterson is worth 7million a year and S.Smith isn't?!?!?
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Mando the numbers are only slightly better. #1 Moore is and was a vet last year! #2 Even tho Hartline numbers are pretty much the same , Hartline doesn't have defenses game planning around him. For the numbers to be so close you have to give it to the rookie for what he's done so far this season.
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Jul 3, 2010