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Jeff, I trully respect your opinion, but this is just none sense. I know you come from a scientific/engineering background being a programmer, as am I, but coming to a conclusion because of a scientific research done on something that is not a science like self help is very ignorant on your part and the book's author. People are not robots and the human mind is way too complex to come to a conclusion like the one you mention just because of a group of people. Some people will feel better writing and others will feel better talking about it and I don't think you, a scientist, or anyone else can come to an overall conclusion on which one is a better approach in general. Only one self can come up with the answer as to what is better for themselves.
Jeff, I thought you were a programmer! Why don't you use HTTP Handlers to create the CSS dynamically from values in your DB? Of course use caching as much as possible. I would have one static style that has the least common denominator across all sites and a second one built dinmically with what I've mentioned above.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on What's Wrong With CSS at Coding Horror
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Apr 30, 2010