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JSW225 Wahl
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The problem is that as it stands Windsurfing classes are the second most popular racing sailcraft in the world. Second most popular behind the Laser. It's cheaper, too. It's more popular, and way cheaper than all the other olympic sailing boats. While Kitesurfing is growing, and becoming popular, its worldwide racing communities aren't big enough yet to overtake any of the choices, much less the second most popular one. Past that, I don't think that sailing should be in the olympics at all. It's way too diversified and specific skill dependent to crown a single nation for all of Sailing as the world champion. Unfortunately, the sailing world lives and dies by which classes the Olympic Committees pick, and I wouldn't trust a single one of the committee members with steering a rowboat. We'd be better off telling them to stuff it, and making our own world championships.
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May 9, 2012