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Take a look at this link for more fundraising ideas for school gardens: Jared Finkelstein Teich Garden Systems
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A great rant and I hope people outside of Montgomery County take notice as well. The impact school gardens can make on not only the students but their entire families is incredible. I have seen it first hand - my company, Teich Garden Systems, designs and installs raised bed garden systems around the country primarily for schools and other community organizations. It is so disheartening to think that people are putting up these sorts of roadblocks. Jared Finkelstein Teich Garden Systems
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My company, Teich Garden Systems, specializes in garden systems where there may be limited space. We design and install animal-resistant raised bed garden systems that also include watering systems. We have installed hundreds of systems nationwide for schools as well as home use. Since each one is custom designed, we use as much or as little space as may be available. Jared Finkelstein 888-622-5282
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Oct 24, 2010