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Vancouver, B.C.
Coffee. Code. Kung-Fu, Art, 日本.
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Dec 10, 2009
Nuh uh. I mean, its not like we're talking Hagen Daz here, with Costco there isn't much that can't be accomplished with a large enough portion. Buy an American sized tub of brandless™ neapolitan ice cream and we're set. Since when did you pick sides with the anti-cream? Maybe you've forget we're talking about the cold, wet, soft-chewy heaven which is well-refrigerated ice cream. I beg of you to reconsider, but you won't, so allow me to get tactical if I must. ================================================== To: Honey Employee's List Subject: Ice Cream @ Ice Cream Social Hello everyone, As you know, not having Ice Cream at Ice Cream Social has always suprised people, and has in turn become our most requested change to any Honey event, ever. So. Beginning next week, for the first time ever, we will begin serving Ice Cream at Ice Cream social. I know this is a tired subject for many of you, but I think when you see how it works you won't be too concerned. Here's how it goes: Once a week Tyler goes to Costco and buys two pales of fresh, fluffy, brandless Neopolitan Ice Cream. I'm talking regular, plain, full-fat stuff, none of this soy-based, low-calorie, new-age stuff, this is a 1950's party, people didn't even know what soy was back then. Tyler also buys cones —the digestible kind. Just buy whatever is cheapest, and most colorful, most people will just assume it's retro and "awesome". Ice Cream will be available only from 9:30 - 11. The free cover before 11 thing is great and all, but we need to give these damn hipsters a reason to take their headphones off and get out the door before midnight-thirty. I'm thinking Ice Cream might just be the answer we're looking for. Ice Cream will cost $4. You get one brightly-dyed edible cone with 1 spherically cute scoop of ice cream, that's it. No double-scoopies please, not even if she's cute. Some people will think it's expensive but, tough titties. And that's it, if you have any questions talk to me in person and I'll convince you I'm right. Cheers, Steve PS. Also, Tyler, don't forget to pick up an ice cream scoop, get a decent one with the thumby-button thing. You know what I mean. ==================================================== I think I put far too much thought into this reply.
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Dec 9, 2009
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Dec 6, 2009
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Dec 5, 2009