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@Heroic Could not have stated it better myself. Thanks. @Lessig Consider Heroic's point. What you hint at wanting in your book "Republic Lost" is that YOUR idea of democratic government (by legal per-person limits on campaign donations) would somehow be better than the current. Somehow, the information problem that precludes wise government would be overcome (Hayek - As Heroic also states, SOPA/PIPA are endemic to any government that views itself as the "controller" or "captain" or "manager" of society. That is, government with power for ANYTHING is a government with the power to do crappy things. While your specific calls for campaign finance reform are more practical than my very general rebuke, I still ask you: Given a government with ample power to write so many laws, taxations, etc. how do you plan to simultaneously dampen all people's willingness to influence that power to their own ends? -J_Tom_Moon_79 ...oh, and vote for Ron Paul!
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Jan 18, 2012