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I think all of these ideas are viable and worthwhile. Also, I think individuals will appreciate having many options on how they can participate in the discussions. Personally, I prefer participating in a community/grassroots effort, which allows me to focus in one area or topic. I've been active in citizen journalism since the Presidential primaries, and then the 2008 election, but I look forward to participating at more local level. Tell me how to sign-up!
I think all the ideas are viable and worth exploring, since people may appreciate one way of participating over another. I've been active in citizen journalism since the Presidential primaries and then the 2008 election. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in a more local/grassroots manner, if available. Tell me how to sign-up and I'm there!
The question isn't what we would ask Da Mayor. The question is how/what method he will respond to us, since he's limited to 140 characters via Twitter. Will he create a separate web site or blog, for example? It seems that the Mayor will use Twitter to promote his policies/ideas/agenda for the city, which is expected. However, if given the opportunity, my question would be related to how to manage the CTA more efficiently--logistically and financially. I'm now a Suburbanite, but I still prefer driving to and riding the CTA Midway Orange Line to get downtown vs Metra. Just can't take the City out of the Girl ...
Wendy Clark -- and others -- I want to clarify that I DO NOT endorse bullying of any kind. I was merely stating a fact that you should review any message board to get a sense of its members and the respective comments, so you understand that site's culture. While I do not want to take up too much time or space here, I was indirectly involved in a bullying experience -- in a sense -- on a message board where the Moderator took action and deleted the comments. I actually tried to reason with the posters and not contact the Moderator, but he -- we actually became good friends -- intervened on my behalf -- primarily because I mentioned something about a lawyer and a lawsuit :) Anyway, just wanted to clarify ...
How did I miss this!?
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2010 on This week's surprise ... at Trib Nation
This may sound mean, but if you're familiar with message boards, then you know going into it what to expect. And, that is, that people can cruel -- just as they are cruel in 'real life' -- face-to-face. So, do we now cut off all communication with others? I prefer not to live like that. Granted, you don't have to mean to prove a point, but apparently some people feel the need to do so in an attempt to demonstrate their power a/k/a bullying.
I haven't used 411 in years. I typically go to or a similar site. And if my parents -- who don't have a computer -- need a telephone number or street address not in the printed phone book, then they ask me to search the 'net.
It's politics and it's unreasonable. If my brother had not 'worked' and networked for one year to finally get a job in January 2010, then he and his family--with a baby due in June--would be struggling despite their best efforts to scrimp and save. Bunning isn't running for re-election, so he doesn't care. I don't think it matters at this point where the funding is coming from, I believe it's more important to just get the money out to those who need it.
Without Fed interference would we have a seatbelt or airbag law? I understand the concept of limiting the Fed's intrusion into our lives, but I would suggest that a national teen driving law would help -- especially within States that do not have such laws.
And if the forecast were for a couple of inches, and we did get 6-8 inches, everyone would be complaining that they were unprepared. I also believe weather forecasters suffer an inferiority complex because the only time they get attention is when they predict a major weather event is coming or after it has occured. Finally, former ABC7 Weather Person John Coleman was the only one to predict The Big Snowstorm of January 1967. I think all weather forecasters now overpredict the weather versus underpredict it.
Definitely 'Spoiler Alert.' Television/movie columnists do it sometimes in advance of a screening, so it's definitely appropriate in this case. However, it didn't stop me from watching the repeat of Chicago White Sox Pitcher Mark B's no-hitter last year. I was still excited to watch it even though I knew the outcome.
I think one key aspect of this story is that the building has landmark status -- unless my memory is failing. If it is a landmark, then you cannot deface it, because its landmark status is based upon certain criteria. If it's not a landmark, then graffiti is just that -- graffiti. It's artwork or a mural, if the property management company, landlord, or owner commissions it as artwork or a mural -- which to me, is a big difference.
I certainly understand the need for new, more efficient rail cars. It's definitely not good timing -- PR wise. My general complaint about the CTA is why can't it budget its money to avert these emergency scenarios. I've commented before that if I budgeted my personal finances as the CTA does, I'd probably be bankrupt. I know what my monthly bills are, and I even have a reserve/emergency fund -- albeit small one -- but one nonetheless. If the CTA would manage itself and its budget more efficiently, the public would not question such announcements.
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Feb 11, 2010