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Cindy, I think the answer to the co-worker work-life merge dilemma lies in having those conscious conversations. They're the difficult ones. I have found that having a frank talk among co-workers in a kind way goes a long way. But I agree that office culture, as in your example of working through lunch, is a hard one to contend with. It requires top-down effort - or the collaboration of the masses to make suggestions to the c-suite. Often, most workers too worn out to make the leap into the land of complaining - and too concerned about keeping their job. It seems however that a new culture will emerge as the working pool of the "right skilled talent" shrinks. Some companies are already talking a closer look at strategies to embrace human capital. The study you reference is one of those bottom-line arguments that might capture the attention of the peeps upstairs. Always enjoy your writing, @JudyMartin8
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Kathleen, Seems it's all about a shift in culture. But in order for that to happen there needs to be the most elementary shift in mind-set. Face time does not equal productivity or accountability by default. But for transformation to occur, stick and generate a more productive workforce where flexibility is honored, perhaps we can look to the three points that emerged from the POTUS' SOTU address and apply them to workplace flexibility: Innovation: Companies must take the time to create and implement flexibility policies within their organizations. They need to think way outside of the box and get input from their employees. Infrastructure: There needs to be a culture shift within these organizations and the policies need to reflect the new mindset. The conversations need to occur to spur ideas. Education: Managers and employees need to be educated on the best way to implement flexibility practices on an individual level. The guidelines might be the same but the outcomes will be different for every employee. As my colleague @CaliYost says - it's about work life fit, it's not one-size-fits-all.
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Jan 27, 2011