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Either we have a nation in which our laws mean what they say or we don't. And this isn't a meaningless "technical" violation. Our forefathers intended that the President would always be someone with a US-based context, someone who had grown up here, someone who had values typical of other Americans. Now, in the Bible we see that when Israel needed punishment one of God's tools was to allow evil men (and women!,) to become leaders. And when I look at the US, it's obvious that God is pursuing the same remedy here. For our sake I hope we are successful in lawfully putting this man out of office and trying him for fraud -- for that's exactly what he's done, he's committed fraud. First by his implicit claim to have met the qualifications for senator, and then he repeated this falsehood in his run for President. And the effect of this evil has been to prevent other people, US citizens, who, presumably, would have obtained the Democratic nomination in his place. American's, pray! Do not continue to ignore God. For if we do he will foresake us. Read 2nd Chronicles, 7:14. It's really quite remarkable, here, Solomon wrote about 900BC and referred to Christians BY NAME, using the phrase "people called by my name". Though Isaiah had other points to make, later he would use the same phrasing referring to Christians in America and generally in the west. (Isaiah used the convention of his times, talking about the lands to the west as "the islands", because the Americas were unknown generally.) He also made several other very specific remarks, for instance referring to Japan as the people in the "Land of the Rising Sun" before the adherents to the Shinto religion were making use of that term. I say these things because I want people to recognize that God wrote the Bible. But none of it will help us unless we act. Talk to God. Ask for help. I assure you, Obama by no means pleases God. For one thing, he told those visiting Muslim school children that he's a Muslim. I hope no one thinks that the Muslims please God -- that's absurd. Muslims worship somebody but read their books and talk to them, it sure isn't the God of the Bible!
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Jan 30, 2010