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Julia FractalFrog
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hapax - Texas, or at least some parts if it, *has* been getting rain this month, for which I am grateful (even on that day I drove 40-50 miles in intermittent downpours). I don't comment often, don't always have time to read comments, but the new policies look good to me *and* to my inner bullied 8-year-old.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2012 on New policies in operation at The Slacktiverse
I wouldn't worry too much about hawks waiting for you to drop dead. That's what vultures are for. I see vultures circling frequently around here. They're useful when it comes to dealing with roadkill. I just have to occasionally brake for them, as I have too much respect for their niche in the ecosystem to want to be the instrument of death for one of them. :)
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2010 on the circling hawks at WWdN: In Exile
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Swine Flu was merely OK. Black Death would have been much better! (I have Black Death, Martian Life and Flu. I've given my kids' school nurse Flu and Common Cold. I have an Ebola around here somewhere, as well, and I don't think I need it in my life anymore. Before I do anything else with it, though, I'm going to go show it to the school nurse.)
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I was home from school as well on that day in 1986. Bronchitis, in my case. My sister came home and told me that the assistant principal, who knew McAuliffe, had been the one to make the announcement to the school, and that he'd been barely holding it together. I'm glad this launch went well.
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Andrew has been absolutely wonderful for over 20 years, and pretty dang funny in all sorts of ways for all that time, as well. (I consider myself pretty dang lucky to have met him when I did, now.)
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Feb 27, 2010