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Colorado Springs, mostly
Mom.Wife.Nerd.MVP nerd.
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It took us ten years to get here. But many of us already were “here”. We’ve been using the platform as a platform for a very long time. In 2008 we published our first XRM book for developers, CRM as... Continue reading
The is the next installment of the occasional series to offer custom learning paths. Access to the Dynamics Learning Portal is required to use this plan. What happens if one day you come to work and suddenly you are... Continue reading
It’s been re-named! See you there. Attend Showcasing Dynamics 365 Demos - 2 Dates Only! Monday, February 12 @ 8 pm PST l Tuesday, February 13 @ 8 am PST As a follow up to the November 2017 Microsoft Dynamics... Continue reading
Any good business analyst has a go-to way to extract requirements for your Dynamics implementation. There’s the standard how many users, show me your process collection of questions. But that’s not where the real useful info comes from. Requirements gathering... Continue reading
The Dynamics Learning Portal is a great resource. But how can you get the most out of it? This is the first in an occasional series of tip and tricks and tidbits to help you, and your team, get the... Continue reading
I’m currently on the road, gone for most of the month of October. And truth be told, I’m actually CURRENTLY delayed and stuck in Nashville. I’m heading to Sydney, and with the fires around San Francisco, there is a bit... Continue reading
What is the goal of a marketing email? To get my attention? To make me remember? To show interest in your company? To buy something from you? We’re the Spork People from Ignite The subject line is awesome. It made... Continue reading
As we get into the last few days before we meet in Tampa, I’ve made a list helpful hints and tips to help get the most out of your time at CRMUG Summit. Minimize distractions back at the office. Work... Continue reading
I’m at Ignite this week. So are more than 20,000 other techies. Folks are walking around with the swag, and people are of course looking for the good stuff. Someone walks past the booth with a light saber coming out... Continue reading
They are all over the place! Turns out there are tons of them, over 500 of them sitting empty in my Congressional district alone. The average salary for these skilled professionals? Over $100,000! But with all of this opportunity out... Continue reading
It’s been one year since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Time flies when you’re having fun? In that year I have cried a lot. Had a few pity parties. Gotten angry. Learned tons about auto-immune disorders (or are they... Continue reading
I have been fortunate enough to be invited to join a group of small business owners as we meet in Washington DC with Act|The App Association. It’s an annual event, this year in April. The days go so fast, but... Continue reading
Here’s the call for speakers below. I would personally love to see new speakers sign up. Denver Dev Day is back! Lucky you, speaker call has been extended. We have new opportunities for you to contribute. Let’s start with the... Continue reading
I am a big government nerd (not a fan of ginormous government, but a big fan of government). Very fascinated by the government, the political aspects of it. Love the logic and reasoning that in a perfect world prevails. I... Continue reading
I get a fair number of resumes emailed to me. From friends and professional peers, from recruiters, from random people that find me online. Today brought a resume that had far too many issues, and it came from a recruiter.... Continue reading
This past week we had a class of 24 students. Two of them were women. We had two instructors, one woman, one man. This was a level 300 course for technologists. I was glad that the two female students were... Continue reading
The Colorado GOP will decide your vote this season. No seriously they will. You don't get a say. "Colorado’s delegates to the 2016 RNC will be unbound" Now that doesn't sound bad does it? But it is. It means that... Continue reading
Thanks to the documentation folks at Microsoft for adding this gem. We've been asking for it for a while. Dynamics CRM online or on-premises and integration with Office 365 Continue reading
The Hello World podcast by Shawn Wildermuth has been getting the stories of how folks began their journeys in software. He's going on the road and taking his show with him. And I'm going to be the guest at the... Continue reading
Today I admit to being human This blog has been pretty quiet, I’ve been distracted. I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It’s not the arthritis you get as you get old or from an injury; it’s a destructive and... Continue reading
The day begins just before sunrise. As we leave camp we notice some impala all standing at attention and looking the same way. We head that way to investigate. Look in the river. Look around the river in the bush.... Continue reading
I have often been asked what we need to teach our students to make them successful in the long term. Like, EXACTLY, what do we need to teach them? There is not a specific class to be named. There is... Continue reading
The xRMVirtual session on Tuesday September 1 had to be cancelled last minute because of technical and audio difficulties. Here we offer you some insights from CRM MVP Ramon Tebar Bueno on how to get the most out of Convergence... Continue reading
Edited to add: The good folks at the conference have extended a discount to our membership. Use the codes below for special pricing and thank to the good people at eXtreme. Standard Conference Discount Code - Earlybirdsandiego Executive Exchange Discount... Continue reading
The xRMVirtual session on Tuesday September 1 had to be cancelled last minute because of technical and audio difficulties. Here is some insight from the Director of CRMUG Tony Stein on how to get the most out of CRMUG in... Continue reading