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Author, Junk Charts and Numbers Rule Your World
Interests: practical statistics, web analytics, data visualization, right-brain marketing
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Berry: I deliberately made this post "negative" because I don't believe the teaching profession has taken up this challenge. What are the most common comments we hear from students who have taken Stats 101? "Boring", "hard", "didn't understand it", "didn't like it", "hated it", "glad it's over", etc. If we document every instance of poor statistical thinking-not to pick on newspapers but also on blogs, on talk shows, in business meetings- the list will be long.
Thanks for several readers for their feedback. I just posted a new version of the taxonomy diagram.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2014 on Reference page for Trifecta Checkup at Junk Charts
jonathan: if you click to one of my two earlier posts on this topic, I have a link to the published paper. One of Gelman's readers found the paper while Andrew found the poster presentation. I'm glad we have both because the published paper only contains relative numbers-you can't find any absolute counts and so you can't judge what's in there.
Mike: You'd be right (see my critique of my own chart below the chart!)
Thanks David. That would be their logic. If I were doing separate charts, I'd have selected different color schemes.