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I started reading this post and almost immediately felt ashamed because while I don't really follow Paul and Storm at all, I would see you or someone else mention them on twitter and read it as "paulandstrom" so for the longest time I thought it was just one guy named Paul Andstrom. Clearly I need to pay better attention to what I'm reading.
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For a brief moment, when I first started reading this, I felt bad because I'm one of those people who would wait someplace for a day just to see someone. Then I read on and stopped feeling bad because there's a difference between my shy, awkward, QC-Hannelore-type stalking and... well, being a self-entitled dick. That, and I've never actually done that to anyone famous and now that you've said something about how creepy it is I know to avoid doing it in the future. I think I was going to make some kind of point with this but I have ADD and I completely forgot what it was in the time it took to write those first two sentences, so, uh... On another note, thanks for the explanation about signatures. I never really understood the point of autographs, but I kinda get it now.
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Apr 25, 2011