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As a Timbers fan, there is a huge disconnect for me around Jack Jewsbury. The consensus among Timbers fans I talk to and on fan message boards is that he is the root of the team's poor midfield play, and that he should be traded or benched. With the national media, though, he is considered top shelf, and i always hear announcers say things like "Oh, how the Portland fans love their captain, and how much he has done for the team."
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2011 on SBI's 2011 MLS Best XI at Soccer By Ives
Adu was the only bright spot in a dismal Gold Cup. Love to see him surrounded by Donovan, Shea, Altidore, and Dempsey.
I don't get leaving out Freddy Adu.
So, what's up with Freddy Adu? Is he out of contention at this point?
anyone got a good online video feed?
As a Timbers fan, I am high on Nagbe--he's going to be the future of Portland. His goal was great and I want to vote for it. But....Hassli's goal is un-freaking-believable! Goal of the decade quality.
I'm confused about rules for who can play for whom in international. Is Nagbe eligible to play for the U.S.? Or just Liberia? As a Timbers fan, glad to see Nagbe on this list. He played most of the year as left winger, but his natural position is forward (possibly withdrawn striker/playmaker), which he played the last few games. Portland fans are talking about "building the squad around him" for next year.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2011 on SBI 2011 MLS All-Rookie Team at Soccer By Ives
plus, someplace like chicago, it might not be 20 degrees, it might be NEGATIVE 20
It'd be soccer vs. NFL college football NBA college basketball NHL No competition like THAT anywhere in the world.
funniest thing i've read all week. i hear they have a Great Manager.
This looks a lot like the lineup I proposed above. I confess: I have not seen Holden play. How to you think he compares to Adu? I was very impressed with Adu in the Gold Cup--creative, exciting, aggressive.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2011 on USA falls to Ecuador on late goal at Soccer By Ives
Adu is the obvious choice for central attacking mid. Shea and Donovan on the flanks, Dempsey and Altidore in front, and I think the goals will come.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2011 on USA falls to Ecuador on late goal at Soccer By Ives
-------------------Altidore------------ ------------Dempsey-------------------- ---Shea----------Adu---------Donovan--- -----------------Bradley---------------- Chandler--Bocanegra--Onyewu--Cherundolo
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2011 on USA falls to Ecuador on late goal at Soccer By Ives
Edu looks kinda lost out there.
it's on espn 2 and 3
Ya, that IS the problem.....
You say "gay" like it's a bad thing.
I was gonna say--I don't think 4-3-2 is the right formation for USMNT. 4-2-3-2 is much better.
Please someone clue me in--why does everybody want to see Shea on the right?
Three D-minded MFs?
I'd like to see Williams again--not because I thought he was great, but just to see what he has. I don't like single striker formations with Altidore, so I'd rather see 4-1-3-2 or 4-4-2 diamond than 4-2-3-1. And I would like to see Altidore and Agudelo together up front. Not really sure why moving Shea to the right is a good idea. I would like to see different combinations of players in the back play together. I was kind of bothered by the big pressure for JK to win a game. now he can get back to just experimenting with different players and different combos of players.
I am neither particularly encouraged nor discouraged by this outing. The conditions were ABSURD and really affected play. Dempsey is critical to the offense. Good--looked pretty fluid and creative on offense and created lots of chances. Bad--blew lots of chances. We knew this already, but Howard is a stud. Yikes! The defense! Altidore looks much better when paired with another striker. He and Dempsey played well together. I like Agudelo too, a lot, and I'd like to to see him paired with each of these two.
Basically agree. I think I want to see Dempsey play slightly withdrawn. Medium term, switch Adu and Donovan for Edu and Williams, although I thought Williams looked good tonight--VERY poised. Longer term, we need to think about who is going to replace Cherundolo. Chandler, maybe. I'm undecided about Beckerman or Bradley in the holding MF position.
Not convinced of Bradley at attacking MF. Tried that (in the Gold Cup?--I don't remember) and it was bad. is running an article saying that JK has switched to (or is planning on using) a 4-3-3. Given that Edu + Bradley + Beckerman is too many D-minded MFs, how about something like this?: Shea-------Altidore---Agudelo/Beasley ----Beckerman--Dempsey--Edu--------- Chandler-Bocanegra-Onyewu-Cherundolo I see the team with a wealth of MFs and a shortage of strikers, so I'm not at all convinced this formation is best. I also don't like Altidore as lone striker. which means 4-1-3-2, as some others have been saying. Maybe: -----------Agudelo--Altidore-------- Shea---------Dempsey-----Edu---------- -------Bradley/Beckerman--------- Chandler-Bocanegra-Onyewu-Cherundolo Don't really like this either. I DON'T see Bradley as in the forward MF role--that's been tried before. what I think best suits this side is more of a 4-4-1-1. ------------Altidore------------- -------------Agudelo------------- Shea---Bradley----Beckerman----Dempsey Chandler-Bocanegra-Onyewu-Cherundolo