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Just A Matter Of Time
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@tedc I could care less whether the meeting was recorded or not. That's what minutes are for. Remember those little things we used long ago before we became a paranoid nation?
@Jim Amico "My daughter does not walk around disrespecting her elders regardless of my actions, I have taught her better!! " The best teacher is example not words.
If the Bowman Dam Pond was extended to the size of Mr. Lehmann's ego, Indian Village would be a desert by the end of the summer.
@Jim Amico "it is just a matter of time!" Yes it is, Jim. It always will be just a matter of time. That will never change for any living thing on this planet. The question is, what will you DO with that time before it runs out? Should we spend that time living in FEAR or should we spend it enjoying what life has to offer? Do we want our kids playing video games so they are safer or do we want them outside using Long Boards getting exercise? Do we want them playing football or should we keep them inside because they may paralyze themselves on the football field? Do we let them outside to get bit by mosquitoes ( "flying hypodermic needles" as the Ryerecord called them ) and possibly contract West Nile, or do we keep them inside and shrink wrap them to their beds so they don't get hurt? I know you're answer will be" let them outside and play but, they need to obey the rules or they're gonna get hurt!" And there is the real problem, Jim. They're not obeying the rules because they have no respect for the rules. They have no respect for the rules because they have no respect for the people who make them. The kids have no respect for the people who make them because adults like you have no respect for the people who make them either. The kids watch what the adults in this town do and they learn fast. The kids see that the adults in this town think it's cool to comment that the Police Commissioner should " take the time to take your foot out of your mouth". The kids see that it's cool to put he City Council on toilet bowls on the side of the Flotie Mobile for all in Rye to see. Have you ever publicly condemned that? Have you ever spoke out about the disrespect contained in the public discourse in this town which Jay Sears labels as "Always a crowd pleaser"? The kids see it's cool to disrespect community members of authority at the Council meetings with accusations and vitriol. They see adults get up at Council Meetings and talk to the Mayor and the Council like they're pieces of crap. We even have a 23 YO filing a lawsuit against the City manager now. Was that whole episode really necessary? What is John Carey teaching our kids? Do you think the kids are not watching? Do you not think if a 23 YO kid is involved in a lawsuit against the City Manager there will not be teenagers watching what is going on? And please don't tell me respect is a two way street, I'm perfectly aware of that . Are we teaching our kids that if we feel we're not being treated with respect it's OK to act the same way in return? Is that what we're teaching our kids? Jim, there is more to the safety and upbringing of our children than a stop sign. The long boarders are doing exactly what they've learned from the adults in this community. They are disrespecting the people in positions of authority. Why should we expect the kids in this town to respect people of authority and the rules they make when the adults in this town don't respect them either? Monkey see, Monkey do. It's as simple as that when it comes to kids.
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Apr 20, 2012