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I'd almost be willing to shell out $40 to Microsoft (instead of pirating) for Windows 8... if I hadn't already spent all this time getting comfortable with Linux (Arch, Gnome 3, lately) and Mac OSX. At this point the temptation to switch back is negligible. I wonder how much this will be a story of "too little too late" or "IT department won't upgrade from XP until the i-meteor comes and wipes out all the e-dinosaurs". Certainly the countless hordes of XP/7 traditional mouse+keyboard PCs out there aren't going to get much out of a touch-centric interface, and certainly the big focus lately is on mobile devices, and certainly all of Microsoft's competitors in that space have way more momentum. The new pricetag is nice, but what's the selling point? "If not for that iPad you already paid a small fortune for, you could have had a unified experience across (some/all) of your computing devices"? Dunno. We'll see. I happen to own a tablet PC so this would actually be a viable upgrade path for me, but I already spent all that time getting it to work with linux (and by the way, it does, quite nicely, and I like what Linux makes available to me as a developer).
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2012 on Betting the Company on Windows 8 at Coding Horror
The art of writing good PHP is realizing that it is not, in fact, only a two-clawed hammer, it is a toolbox that puts the two-clawed hammer out on top and buries the normal tools way down deep where you only find them by looking for them. And then excludes several tools that everyone will eventually want to use. So what you do is you ignore all the weird, nasty, and funky stuff and focus on what works well and makes sense. And then you begrudgingly pull out the two-clawed hammer when you have to, because the only other hammer is ball-peen and damnit, you need a claw. Regarding alternatives, there's a ton of them and some are gaining traction. I'm partial to nodejs for reasons I won't go into here (there's plenty to argue about re: javascript since using it wrong has been the default way of operation for over a decade now).
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
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Jul 16, 2012