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Brewing is a geek hobby, just like gaming. I do both and it is kind of frightning how much "Last week a brewed a Pre-Prohibition Pilsner with Citra hops, it had a OG of 1.055 and a FG of 1.010. I call Mango Smuggler." Sounds just like: "I have a 15th level half-giant paladin who fights with a mitheral +3 longsword. He has a strength of 29 and a dex of 8. His name is Azzeron." Let your geek flag fly. As you get more into the hobby you will consume the brewing books, you will subscribe to Brew Your Own magazine, you will lose hours of work productivity listening to brewing podcasts, your wife will get sick of listening to you blather on about malt efficiency and hop alpha acids, you will order the "10th level beer nerd" bumper sticker from Northern Brewer (except it is always out of stock DAMN IT!) There is no turning back now.
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It's fine. The hop flavor will fade with time. You still have two weeks before bottling and another week or two before it will be ready to drink. (If you can wait that long, I never can) Your beer will develop as it ages but it will probably be at its prime in a month or two.
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I think Cthulu's Cousin would be an awesome name for the beer.
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As long as your beer is drinkable it was not a mistake, it was a controlled experiment. .004 points is not a ton, your beer may just turn out a little sweeter than expected but in a week or so it can go down that much. You still have a lot of yeast suspended in solution. Everytime you move it you expose the beer to oxygen so don't worry. I never even worry about racking to secondary. It won't hurt anything to let the beer sit on yeast, you won't pick up off flavors from dead yeast for 6 weeks or more. If you are really worried take a clean and sanitized turkey baster and steal a sample. As long as it tastes ok you are fine. At this point it will be a little yeasty and sweet. If it tastes like cardboard or nail polish you are in trouble.
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Four maxims to successful homebrewing: 1. Quality in is quality out, 2. Sanitization is a big deal, 3. Learn to boil 4. Facilitate fermentation through controlling the tempurature.
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Jul 8, 2011