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Justin Hunt
Rhode Island
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I love basic instructions. I thought the shirt looked a lot like the art style of the strip... I guess with good reason!
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Mar 27, 2010
It was a great speech. You made my first con awesome Wil! I wish I'd been able to get a 3 day pass, but alas, I only could do Friday. Me and the man himself:
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Awesome. I'm very excited for this, Wil. I've never been to a con, with the fact that most of the best ones are on the West Coast, and I live in Rhode Island. (I tried to see you while you were in Quahog, but it didn't work out! ;-) ) When PAX east was announced, I was pretty sure I wanted to go. I put off getting a badge, and kept looking to see if you were gonna be there. The second you announced you were doing the keynote, I bought a badge! I'm just bummed the weekend pass was sold out, but at least I'll be there Friday for your speech. Look forward to meeting you at a signing!
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Feb 17, 2010