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It all comes back to media literacy and understanding how tone can be used to manipulate users.
One of the things I learned throughout my years as an English major is that everything in art is subjective and you should always look at literature in different ways.
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I have similar dreams where my old high school has become a labyrinth (it was actually pretty big in real life) and I have to first find a way to print off my school schedule and THEN find the class that started 5 minutes ago. I've also had dreams where I'm starring as Lady Macbeth and don't know the lines. I have a really bad problem with memory (diagnosed with ADD early in life) and I know my anxieties about not remembering things is what fuels those nightmares.
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It was fantastic! I was so glad I got to meet you (CliqueClack FTW!) and I also got to hang out with some of my best friends from the internet. It was a very awesome weekend.
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I didn't take offense with the tweet. That being said, I actually have two degrees and I'm working at a minimum wage job. I've had my first degree for almost three years and its still hard to find a good job. Granted, I've been job searching and in the hiring process for one of those potential employers (and I've been doing pro bono work for what I've been wanting to do to get experience), but its not easy out there. All that being said, I also get frustrated by people at my wage level who complain like that, even though they didn't take their education seriously. Many of them have snubbed me because they have "real world experience", but sometimes that's just not enough, you know?
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Happy Birthday, Wil. Love long and... use the force? I forget how that goes.
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