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Still happy with my AMD E350-based HTPC built in 2011. It doesn't have the grunt of an i3 but as I don't game on it I can't say I've ever* needed any more power. With a modest 60GB SSD and 5TB of network storage it's all the HTPC I reckon I'll ever need. Completely silent and it only draws something like 18W at idle. I may look into that picoPSU you've used though, a bit smaller than the one I have and I'd wager more efficient too. *Only fly in the ointment is the fact that Netflix' Silverlight player uses codecs that cannot be accelerated by the AMD Fusion platform, meaning some videos lag horribly in HD. All this will hopefully be solved when Silverlight eventually dies a horrible, painful death and Netflix migrates to something more becoming.
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My kids are six and three. We have a PC in the house and until very recently I assumed that as some point in the near future we'd get another PC for "school, games and stuff". Only, in the last 12 months I've come to realise that we probably won't ever buy another PC (much like your last blog post) and that my six year old son, already a fiend on smartphone and tablet, may *never* own one. What will his school require him to do on one in four or five years time? Spreadsheets? Now the only question is do I get him his own iPad or Nexus 7 for Xmas?
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2012 on The PC is Over at Coding Horror
Although they are handy, I gave up carrying a Leatherman years ago due to the perception that carrying an obviously useful 2" blade into a club or other such establishment means you are a potential stab-happy psychopath, rather than the kind of person who might just be able to reterminate some cat5 with it and get your EFTPOS back up and running again. Had a crap LED torch but it started playing up so I ditched it, will need to get another sometime. Hate USB drives, would much rather just upload a file somewhere and grab it later on when I get to where I need it. Other than that it's just keys and loyalty tabs on my keyring, but I do have a fetching tritium gas-powered keyfob that is incredibly handy for locating keys in the dark. The thing has been going for about 10 years and is still perfectly bright enough, but given the half-life of tritium I'm guessing I'll need a replacement in a few years. I'm with you on the smartphone though. I couldn't manage without my Android buddy nowadays, much to my wife's eternal scorn.
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