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By the time I got around to getting tickets for the Mpls show, they were sold out :( That's what I get for waiting! Hopefully the Cities treat you well, Wil!
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What a wonderful story. :) Also, I would totally buy into a d20 Diet. It could be one that I actually stick to beyond 2 weeks. Oh, and my husband and son could get into it as well! I think you should take the idea and run with it, Wil.
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As someone who is currently writing a story that has long lived in my head and is hoping and praying that someday it will be good enough to publish, thank you so very much for this. As a writer yourself, I'm sure you are fully aware of the frustrations of translating thoughts from brain to paper (or word processor or whatever). Again, thanks for this. Now I'm off to grind a Write level or two.
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Nov 18, 2009