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Hey Wil, this is off the subject, but I know you weren't happy with the Republican bullies in the Wisconsin legislature getting rid of collective bargaining rights in a middle of the night rapid fire session where no one knew a vote was going to take place. Anyway, as you might know, Governor Walker is facing a recall on Tuesday, June 5. I believe that most people here in Wisconsin would rather not have this bully be governor, but despite the fact that we have "same day registration" to vote and no voter ID required (opening the door for anyone to register and vote on election day) most of the Democrat supporters sit out each election while the Republican cronies - to their credit - are always sure to vote. I was wondering if we could get this internet thing to work for us. Since you have like half the world following you on twitter, on June 5, could you please tweet: "Wisconsin residents: don't like your Governor? Complaining's not enough. Only voting will defeat the bully. Vote today and retweet!" Or something else encouraging people to vote.
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I actually just watched this. I love the DVD because I the MST3K Christmas film (Santa Claus Conquers the Martians) is one of the alltime great bad sci fi films.
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Dec 27, 2010