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Hopefully, this helps someone out. I had an XFX 5850 for several months, but never used triple monitors because of not wanting to buy a $100 cable to make it possible. Eventually, I figured that $100 wasn't so bad, and purchased a set of 3 matching monitors. Initially, I purchased this single-link active Displayport adapter. It's not usb-powered, and as I came to learn, the USB powered dual-link active DisplayPort adapters are only needed when the monitor it's hooked-up to is going to run a resolution > 1920x1080. However, my monitor wasn't recognized when using this cable. I figured the cable was faulty, RMAed, and it still didn't work with the replacement cable. On the third attempt, I bought a different brand of cable, an Accell, and still it didn't work. It was then that I contacted XFX, and it turns out the DisplayPort on my videocard was faulty. XFX sent me a replacement, and I can now run Eyefinity setups. So, just to be clear (as the countless forums and comments I read while I was trying to figure this out were cryptic at best). I have a single XFX 5850 hooked up to 3 monitors (2 with DVI, and 1 DP->DVI) using a single-link, non-usb powered, Accell DP->DVI adapter ( and I am able to run Eyefinity @ 5760x1080, or the typical 3 monitor setup.
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Jan 22, 2011