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Jim Welke
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Bravo! Nice work. Smaller is better. Smaller and energy efficient is even better.
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Aside from the Koch brothers opposing environmental regulations, they also *do not* oppose subsidies for fossil energy despite their proud libertarian bent. more about subsidies: and that daily mail article about wind turbines, etc. linked to above is a sneering and egregiously biased (anti-clean energy) piece of propaganda: Wind energy is clean? The section in the above linked article on pollution in China caused by rare earth mining is perfect argument for strict "free-trade" regulations that slap tariffs on countries that violate accepted environmental, wage, and worker safety standards. But it is not an argument against renewable energy. (There are, btw, other sources for neodymium and other rare earths, and it is possible to mine them without carelessly dumping the tailings.) here's some info to refute that article: Cheers! Jim Welke (sure would be cool if everyone used their real names!)
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Feb 2, 2011