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Joe Wikert
I'm director of strategy and business development at Olive Software (
Interests: Hockey, baseball, football, science and technology
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One of the worst kept secrets in recent history was finally unveiled last Friday when Amazon announced their Kindle Unlimited program. It has the potential to become yet another terrific service for consumers but many publishers and authors are less... Continue reading
Last week I wrote about why I believe econtent prices will continue to drop in the future. The feedback I got in a couple of LinkedIn groups and via email was mixed. Some readers agreed and others seemed to think... Continue reading
If you think econtent prices are too low today, well, in the immortal words of Bachman Turner Overdrive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. In fact, “nothing” is precisely where more and more econtent prices are heading. Here are a few... Continue reading
Unless your organization is a startup it’s highly likely you’re using a strategy and business model that’s worked for many years. That same strategy and business model might span multiple generations. Even though you’ve embraced the latest technologies and devices,... Continue reading
At any given point in time it’s easy to assume that search engines have evolved as much as they’re ever going to. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid falling into the logic that was allegedly uttered long ago by Charles Duell:... Continue reading
Google is terrific but it doesn’t help me answer the question, “where did I read about that?”. I’m running into that question more frequently these days, partly because I’m reading so many short bursts of content from so many sources.... Continue reading
This month marks the 118th anniversary of a milestone in the life of Henry Ford. It’s not the Model T, which is 106 years old later this summer. I’m talking about Ford’s very first vehicle, the one that came before... Continue reading
On May 15, 2013, Apple celebrated 5 years of the App Store and released some astounding statistics. Over 50 billion apps have been downloaded and that number jumped to 60 billion just 5 months after that announcement. That’s an average... Continue reading
My last article asked four important questions about your content’s brand and how it’s positioned. Let’s build on that with four critical factors you need to consider as you look to extend or reinforce your brand: Community – I believe... Continue reading
Publishers tend to take their brands for granted, especially when they feel it’s well defined and doesn’t need attention. Since the core meaning of a brand needs to remain consistent it’s hard to argue with leaving things as is. Nevertheless,... Continue reading
According to a quick Google search, the typical U.S. household now pays between $80 and $90 per month for the TV component of their cable bill (excluding broadband and phone service). Now compare that to the price of an all-you-can-read... Continue reading
I recently attended a publishing association event where one of the speakers brought up the topic of data and how Moneyball isn’t just for baseball. If you’re not familiar with it, you should read Moneyball; the movie was fine but... Continue reading
In the early days of flight, airmail pilots conducted dry runs or “pathfinder” flights to test the flying schedule, survey landing strips and facilities at intermediate airfields, and acquaint themselves with the full length of the route. Flying new airmail... Continue reading
I’m one of the hundreds of millions of people who use Google News in a variety of ways. Long ago I configured it for the keywords I like to track so that I can scan the latest headlines on my... Continue reading
With paywalls coming back in style readers are discovering more brands are clamping down on content access. Whether it’s accomplished through metering or subscriber-only access, a day doesn’t go by when I haven’t run into a paywall. That’s OK. There’s... Continue reading
Every type of content is facing downward pricing pressure. Free online news has disrupted the newspaper industry. Free article-length content has impacted the magazine model. Free and cheap ebooks have completely upended the book publishing world. It’s time for publishers... Continue reading
There are so many op-eds these days on when or if to self-publish but more so, features on the inferiority of self-published works just by virtue of fact they are self-published. This premise is applied even if the self-publishing author... Continue reading
For many years publishers created content, used it once and never considered its value beyond that initial use. Some publishers created remixes in the print-only era but everyone needs to explore content reuse in the digital age. At its heart,... Continue reading
As the saying goes, “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” I believe that’s the state of the digital content industry and it’s all because print preceded digital. When you look at a digital newspaper,... Continue reading
Have you seen the “Seat Monitors” ad by Southwest Airlines? They recognize the fact that most travelers already have a laptop or tablet with them, so why install all those expensive (and heavy) seat back video screens? United Airlines is... Continue reading
When recently being interviewed for the release of my urban fantasy novel Dying for a Living, I was struck by this question: You give away a lot of free books…Why? It is a legitimate question. After all, why wouldn’t people... Continue reading
Getty Images made an interesting content-usage model announcement last week. After years of playing whack-a-mole with everyone who’s ever stolen one of their images, Getty decided to embrace the free model for a portion of their library. You’ll find additional... Continue reading
Remember how disruptive the $9.99 ebook pricing model was when the Kindle launched in 2007? It set the standard for how much consumers expected to pay for an ebook. It was also a price far less than consumers were accustomed... Continue reading
Hi Henry. Why should we have to accept the limitations of print when the digital platform has so many more capabilities? Frankly, I think that's one of the big problems in the publishing industry: It's always trying to emulate print in digital. That only limits the results and is one of the reasons I'm so glad so many startups are being created by people *outside* publishing, so we don't limit the possibilities.
Why is Google so popular and how does it quickly help you find what you’re looking for? It’s all about their algorithm. Google uses a variety of metrics, including how many inbound links a site has, to determine what’s in... Continue reading