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Here's a funny story. In 1984 I was hired as a programmer. I loved it. I spent way too many hours working at what I loved. Then they contracted out programming. By 1991, I wasn't even allowed to *have* a compiler. Since then, I've moved into program management, and it pays the bills. I program in my spare time. I've learned most of the newer languages/frameworks. And I enjoy it. But, I can't do any of that for work. The most humorous part is, that I know I'm only a mediocre programmer. I've seen cruft and I've seen craft, and for the most part I can tell the difference and why. But elegant code escapes me. So, although I love programming, and have a real passion for it. I'm not so good at it, and they pay me for my technical expertise and my program management skills. BTW, I actively dislike program management, but don't let that interfere with my work.