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Enjoy your bowl game. You should not have a problem with Cincy since their coach left for Notre Lame. Tebow's last game too. Needs to get the arm warmed up. Got a lot of backs to pat on the sidelines while holding his clipboard for the next three years. Nice windup....LOL
We recruit better than U!.... FACT star gazer!!! those stars got you a 32-13 beatdown.....FACT! LMAO
P-drinker, as you turds like to say, it's in the past. Well since we're speaking of the past. SI has the 2001 canes as the team of the decade. Neither of your two of the last four made it. Tisk Tisk. LMAO 32-13 anyone got a kleenex?
Curse the Pig is decommitting from Waffle House and will commit to Shoney's. Posted by: Curse of Purple Drank | December 18, 2009 at 05:03 PM LMAO My sources say fatty is still a "soft verbal" to waffle house. Hey P-drinker, your top recruiting classes did you alot of good in the SEC championship game. 32-13 LMAO. Were those gang signs your recruits were flashing in those photos? Nah, cant be, Urban Meyer would never recruit guys like that! lol
The Sugar Bowl committee put out a presser: Due to the lack of testosterone on the sidelines of UF we will be changing our bowl name to the Sugarpants Bowl. This was due to thoughtful consideration after witnessing the pathetic crying by a male football player and the male UF student who was embarrased by a female med student from Alabama.
What a pathetic loser. Gone for a day and back to living on a cane blog. Dude, you really need to get a life. I think that sorry FU student at halftime has more of a life than U! I bet Stephen Hawking gets out more than you. Purple Drank = Loser Are you wearing some alabama colors yet? hurry up and buy some so you can root for different sad 32 > 13 LMAO
Will the FU fans camping out on cane blogs please provide me with the players excuses for the SEC championship game performance. If not, I have a few: 1. "These new uniforms were very restrictive" 2. "When Timmy began yelling on the sideline I felt intimidated and couldn't concentrate" 3. "our tears began to fall when we realized that someone would have to lose this game. We got exposed and our special ref's wouldn't be able to help us this time." (Oops, I'm sorry, this was true. back to the excuses) 4. A fat gator fan was eating a hotdog near our bench and squirted relish juice in my eye, causing temporary blindness. 5. Upon hearing that an FU student was bent over by a bama med student during the Dr. Pepper halftime content, we relized that we lost all motivation. Cane fans please feel free to assist our gator trolls with excuses to use this week.
All time Bowl Game Records (for piggy and pals) FU 17 wins 19 loses .472 UM 18 wins 14 loses .563 .563 > .472
32 > 13 McElroy's Smiles > Tebow's Tears LMAO
Lets do a poll, What part of the SEC Championship game did you find hilarious: 1. The FIU uniforms sported by the mighty lizards 2. The ridiculous windup and slow release of the future NFL sideline back-patter 3. The response of Urban Mire after his golden boy threw a pick in the endzone 4. The halftime contest which had an idiot FU student ,who did the gaytor chomp at introductions, then got bent over by a female med student from bama on national television. (try living that one down) 5. The fact that Mr. Keyboard courage aka kehoe steamer, Luther, etc..who lives on a canes blog, was nowhere to be found.
U WONT BW WINNING U CONFERENCE IN 10 either. Hope you jealous doormats enjoyed your gator loss parade. Just shows how jealous u are. Posted by: Luthers juice is long gone | December 07, 2009 at 10:29 AM no douchey. the enjoyment comes from watching the response, or lack of response, from you arogant lizards. Can handle it now that it's your team huh? stop with the hypocrisy! This is only the beginning. Timmy is almost gone.......cry me a river... bama punked FU but you'll fall in line with the rest and root for them. 32 > 13 LMAO
Maybe Urban "I cried with Timmy until I was dehydrated" Meyer will develop a player at FU so they can be an NFL punching bag like Channing Crowder. What do you think douchey aka Luther?
LMAO.....what a loser. You can't beat bama so now you'll probably go root for them. Thats like an fan of the NFL rooting for their division winners when the team of their liking doesn't make it. so go on now little douchey, root for bama. 32 > 13 LMAO
Hey I have a novel idea Luther, after getting 32 dropped on you why don't you root for the SEC champ in the National Championship game. You can yell, "Roll Tide" at your TV and be fat, dumb and happy!" But remember to drink your gaytoraids, you dont want to get dehydrated. 32-13 LMAO ....need a tebow tissue?
All u so-called florida people that rooted for a nick saban led alabama team over the gators should kill your selves immediately. Guess you guys forgot already? This coming form a canes fan. Posted by: the_u_ | December 07, 2009 at 10:11 AM No, we still hate Saban but we hated all of FU. Hate Meter- Saban < FU
Crowder went to FU so you know there are limitations.... From Hyde: ...linebacker Channing Crowder, who had his first interception in five seasons. "Surprised he caught it,'' Taylor said. "I see Channing at practice every day. The Lord blessed him with a lot of things, but a good set of hands was not one of them." At least wasn't get beat up again! Does anyone know how Urban Meyer is doing after his little......"episode"?
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Posted Dec 5, 2009 at force's blog