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So honestly, how many thought that Jurgen was going to be the coach august 12 after the first 30 minutes. US soccer needs to never schedule a qualifier in Chicago ever again in the SUMMER. I know money is good, but seriously you can't add an additional "away" game in the WC qualifying, even though concacaf has way too many bids with 3.5. GO USA!!!!!!
BB better hope they WIN on saturday in Chicago
Mark, I'm assuming that was for me regarding BB. Costa Rica has a great homefield advantage against CONCACAF, lets call it like it is. This is the worst association, of any with automatic bids for the WC. The USA should be cleaning up on these teams, or at least not playing such uninspired ball, home and away. I mean did you see the game against El Salvador?
Wynne needs to come out.
JURGEN is available.
Ives, I understand allowing poorer countries to play on "FIELD TURF", but this is straight up old-school style ASTROTURF. What the heck is FIFA thinking?