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You are one hoopy frood, whether you get the role or not. :)
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I like GameStop -- the one near me at least. They don't mind if I come in looking like a 40-something suburban mom asking stupid questions about Wii and X-Box games, and they let me take used games home and return them in a few days if I decide that they're not appropriate for my kids. Of course, I'm still kind of self-conscious about being a n00b with the console games, and have to ask about the latest Blizzard products, as that's where my <3 is.
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Merry Christmas! Wil loves his new TSA job at the Smurfville airport....
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We are looking forward to welcoming you to Minneapolis on Monday! Thanks for bringing the show here. You'd be amazed the number of people I have run into who have been cranky that the show sold out before they could get tickets -- maybe you need to do two shows next time?
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I love the 'Pico & Sepulveda' part of Forbidden Zone, but some of the rest of it makes me want to pull a pillow over my head. If I'm willing to re-watch it for my favorite bits, can I still be your friend? :D
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LOL! I was going to correct your usage of "slashfic", but I guess you've already been corrected. Somewhere, I believe there existed some Wesley/Worf slashfic, but I swear I never read it. Really. No, honest!
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