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Ahhh, I wrote siting instead of citing! And, there's no delete or edit button!
I'm a 100% strong supporter, Pamela. You know that siting unnamed sources, i.e., Western diplomatic sources, causes the heavily biased media to focus not on the concern raised in this story, but on ridiculing the messenger for an unsubstantiated accusation. I'm glad you republished, but wonder what we can do. Obeyme Obomber is rampaging through the china shop that is now America. Regardless of how many times he commits high crimes & treason, nothing seems to be able to stop him. Maybe Moishiach is the only one who can.
Robert would make a better Israeli Prime Minister than Netanyahu who allows the shipment of millions of tons of welfare food and goods keeping the sub-human, inhuman, savage, barbarian, primeval terrorist entity This is celebrated like this I'm not exaggerating when calling these sub-humans sub-human. There are mountains of examples of their evil. And this elitist, misguided, cowardly, etc. opportunist, Michael Bloomberg, promotes the building of a 15 story Islamic victory center led by a sub-human who refuses to call this terrorist entity in Gaza terrorism? How warped and perverted is Michael Bloomberg? How insensitive to civilization and ignorant of the meaning of this mosque center to world Islam.
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Apr 11, 2010