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bethany, what race are you talking about?
Note that the links off the cached page are now dead, but it's easy to retrieve those from the cache too. Just substitute the URL for the dead link (e.g., into the portion of the cached URL link Pam posted, starting at http and ending at html.
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What race is Islam? Perhaps there is no "muslim master plan" but there is a "Muslim Brotherhood" plan, and it is here: Their self-stated goal is "establish an Islamic power on the earth," and to "support movements engaged in jihad across the Muslim world ... everywhere on the planet." How about reading that as a start for "educating yourself"?
peacenothate: Want to understand the Qur'an in context? Read the Qur'anic tafsir. These are books that explain the qur'an "in context." Perhaps the most famous and widely respected is Ibn Kathir. The book, "Koran for Dummies," by Sohaib Sultan, calls Ibn Kathir "the most famous classical commentaries on the Koran, and most referred to in the Muslim world today." Khaled Abou El Fadl, professor of Law at UCLA, writes that Ibn Kathir "is now considered the orthodoxy on the Qur'an." Luckily for all of us, Ibn Kathir is an easy read and is available for free on the web here: Take any Qur'anic verse that apologists cite and see what Ibn Kathir says about it. For example read up on 9.29, which calls for subjugation of Jews & Christians:
The story was ridiculous. In particular, they completely misrepresented Tawfik Hamid. Hamid is a true reformer and is nothing like the other apologist Muslims they had on the show. CAIR, for example, shuns Hamid and wants nothing to do with him. Shame on ABC for treating all the Muslim speakers on their show as a monolithic lump, as if Hamid's views on Islam are shared by the likes of CAIR & Abdul-Rauf. Last year, Hamid wrote, about stoning: "Instead of providing lectures about how Islam is 'tolerant' and 'peaceful,' Islamic scholars and organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] and the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA] must be clear on their stance against such barbaric practices. If these organizations refuse to stand boldly against stoning, it will be difficult for them to speak against their critics and the 'Islamophobic' community. In fact, developing a phobia of a system of law that promotes the stoning of human beings until death is the most normal reaction of any sane individual." And please read Raymond Ibrahim's review of Hamid's book here: In particular, Ibrahim wrote: Finally, it is encouraging to see someone openly and honestly castigate certain aspects of Islam and Muslims — and not simply dismiss them as products of “exegetical misinterpretation” by a “few” Muslims, as many apologists insist — and yet still be devoted to his faith. Instead of equivocating, Hamid admits Islam’s shortcoming, but offers “a theologically rigorous re-interpretation of Islamic texts…to bring about reformation.”
Keywords of the stealth jihad: "Abrahamic" "Interfaith Dialogue" "Interfaith Understanding" Here's one such concoction, apparently funded by the University of Indiana. What business does such a university have putting such drek together?
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2009 on Celebration of "Submission" at Atlas Shrugs
"Abrahamic" has become a keyword for stealth Jihad.