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Romeo and Juliet - can't say I ever hated it, but it's certainly not my favourite of Shakespeare's works. Now, Hamlet. God, I have always loved Hamlet... and 'Much Ado About Nothing'. My two favourites. With Hamlet, I got to go through it twice in eleventh grade because I had the same instructor for English Lit AND English. It was at this time that I also read 'Beowulf' and years later, willingly bought my own copy of the Seamus Heaney translation and ate through 'The First Man in Rome' by Colleen McCullough by choice for my senior novel project. As for other things I read in high school, I thoroughly disliked 'Lord of the Flies', but absolutely loved 'To Kill a Mockingbird' - in this case, all the other kids in that particular English class were the opposite. It was also this same teacher that introduced me to Margaret Atwood with 'The Handmaid's Tale'. Also, A Clash of Kings, Wil? I'm on 'A Storm of Swords' right now. :)
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Cripes, ten years ago, I wasn't even a blog reader. I don't think I'd even tried to write a blog yet at at that point (but I was writing my fair share of what basically amounts to online collaborative storytelling fanfiction-ish stuff in the Star Wars universe with our own characters... up until somewhat recently). Way to go, Wil! Keep on keepin' on.
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Much like Cruella de Vil, Wil had a seemingly interminable longing for a coat fashioned of innocent creatures. His longing, it would appear, was one simple step away from being sated. Two, technically, if he bothered to kill the smurfs before skinning them. Sick bastard.
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Dec 3, 2010