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Kammie Avant
Birmingham, Alabama
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Carol, Depending on how active online activity is for the client, I may turn off pop up notifications but I never turn off the application "badges" on my phone. That way, in a timely manner, I can check the notifications en masse. If you have a few clients, consider having separate applications for each if this helps you organize and prioritize notifications. I always have at least 2 applications, 1 for my personal account and 1 or 2 to house client accounts.
Kate, I got on Pinterest for personal reasons as well and I love it! However, I certainly see the opportunity for businesses, especially small businesses, to utilize the platform to get to know their market and for widespread word of mouth. Stanley, so glad you've joined and be sure to let us know how you like it. Will you be posting as a professional?
That is a great idea for sharing and spreading your poll! My issue is with the organic sharing, there is no way for users to easily share the poll and the orginator to get recognition. I'll be interested to see how Facebook tinkers with Questions over time but I'm certainly glad they've launched it.