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if da u was a biatch i'd marry em
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see what happens when we actually run the ball more that we throw...... great games are defense has a bend dont break attitude.... we still bend a little to much ......allen bailey had ggod game but need to shed blocks better., or some kind of arm shed technique ... he dancing with the tackle to long...2of his sacks were coverage sacks so props to our db/s ...are linebackers still need to cover the lanes better...they should know they can drop back and defend the slants randy is for some reason shttn on mike james .. he needs to be in more ..on jacory's int .. byrd just stood there didnt try to come back for ball at all ...and jacory he never goes threw atleast 3progressions... he looks in same direction all the time .. he nneds to look off his receivers for a change.....if the defense is flying to the ball so fast until some times we over run the play and they break a long one i can live with that ... at least i know they are trying to kill the runner .......what took so long to see chase ford cant catch a cold .... asante cleavland who showed out in camp shouldnt be playing this late in season ....same exampl why eduardo clemete gets play b4 storm johnson .........RANDY SHANNON IS STUBBORN .. he needs to make sure that dont keeps him from getting to the next level .
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2010 on Canes talk after North Carolina win at Eye on the U
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first thing pisses me of about shannon! he claims the ohio state game in 02 had no bearing ont this years game and revenge was not a factor...... SHANNON you are a dam lie! to hell if aint a revenge game ... they stole something from us ... so we need to steall some thing from them. their hearts their souls., that should have been the pregame speach. we had 50 pass attempts at fsu...they had 21 ....can for one game we run more than we pass for just one game ....i lost respect for whipple when he came out with a pass happy game plan against vtech last year.....the coaches dont realize they kill our momentum in every game .. and all this not wanting to run up the score ... that is bull sht ... we need to throttle every body get the team in a mentality to never let off the breaks so we can get a closing the game mentality.....for the rest of the year we need to put jacoru on punishment .. no deep passes and no more than 25 pass attemps .... i dont care if we run 3 straight times and 3 and out 3 straight times at least we can puint the ball and play field position... in stead of giving the ball up in our own territoty giving away points...
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the team gave up .. the coaches even gave up .. the put whipple in and streeter and thompkins with 4min left now there trying to run the ball and not trying to score .......jacory had almost 50 pass attempts ...?????? mark whipple is a one track minded fool .. he continues to throw ... remember that vtech game in the raining monsoon he refused to run the ball then .... is whipple a fukng idiot Randy needs to be cursing the players out on the sideline instead he stands there emotionless allowing the fire and desire of his players to burn out right their on the sidelines thats why we cant finish games ...I told youe spencer whipple cammands and manages the offense better .. but randy refuses to open competition on that .... why doNt we have our best d-end on the field andrew streeter that bad he cant even get in during redzone ... why is craig cooper in the game at this point he hadnt played all year all of a sudden you want him back their...instead of pounding it with mike james ...............ARE COACHES AR FNCKNG IDIOTS.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2010 on UM-FSU postgame video at Eye on the U
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coaches almost blew the game... first series we run 7or 8 straight times get down there then we want to throw... got a penalty and hank bailed us out ..... next series we get a drive down inside ther 15yard line ... now we want to got in some hurry up complex formation on 1st and goal .. blew points then ....then that int jacory threw in the back of end zone ... we shouldnt have even threw the ball... it should have been pound....we should have been up 28-0 that 71yard run they got would have never happen if the offensive play calling wasnt horrible... when we scored at end of half should have went for two when they were of guard .. but we kick it .. almost came back to byte us.... The referees continue to prove they are the 12th man anbgainst miami ...whipple is a pass happy fool ..even when run is working he thinks we have to run a gimmick , trick, or misdirection... lets just line up .. my man will beat your man football....i dont blame the players for this lackluster performance its all on the coaches this game
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2010 on UM-Clemson postgame video at Eye on the U
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Im a big can fan! Here's my issues. If randy shannon wants to talk shzt about keeping competition open .keeping competition open . keeping competition open . Well then open up the dang on competition then! ""Jacory Harris" yeah thats right. He thinks his job is a little to secure. I personally think spencer whipple has a command and presence under center thats needs to be explored. Randy Shannon pisses me off when he gets this dog house mentality or stubborness, or even favortism .....WHERE WE ARE NOT PUTTING THE BEST PLAYERS ON THE FEEL AT ALL TIMES...that is where conditioning allows. Ive seen this go on at miami for the last several years not understanding who can play what and getting it out of them.... look at sam shields all of a sudden can play nfl caliber corner . and we couldnt get him to do a lick...Theres more players but, my point is GET THE BEST DAM PLAYERS ON THE FIELD. AND REALIZE WHO ARE THE BEST OR SPECIAL AND WORK WITH THEM MORE. I saw Andrew smith when he was a fresham i noticed he had a burst off the line.. he had 29 sacks as a senior in HS .. thats extra- ordinary...we need to mover olivier vernon to linebacker...What ever streeter's problem it needs to be solved ASAP....Kendall Thompkins keep your head up.. you finally get in and both times you muff the ball .. shannon needs to get you used to game speed and stop playing....your a weopan that needs to be acclamated. I agree with the staring offense but i think streeter and thompkins needs to be the first subs.... i can go on and on so ill just stop here b4 i get mad.
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i dont know he looks kind of soft .. i hope he got that mean nasty in him , but it dont look like it ... hope im wrong . i do know he at least will be good and add depth to now a deep oline. I hope he dont be one of those weight casualties....his height might keep him from doing that... so the sky is the limit for him ... its all about his heart now ... havnt seen him play so cant comment on that. Now all whipple need to understand is.... when its just time to pound.. just pound the fnnn ball and dont get cute..... dont sleep on e. clements .. he said he is here to compete saying redshirt is a waiste of time ... this camp might be the best we ve had ina while.
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2010 on Henderson's addition huge for Canes at Eye on the U
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wqam is just saying someones qb will get murdered tonight ... hint hint christian ponder..... call the coroner
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2009 on Gameday blog: UM-FSU at Eye on the U
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jacory is all over that song .. come on cane fans you have to hear that .. its jacory and at least one other cane ...
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2009 on Canes new rap song? at Eye on the U
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good mornign 87 canes
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