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Mark Kamoski
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Dear Jeff Atwood -- One could not be more wrong if one were to say something like "I think we're way past the point of satisfying the computing performance needs of the typical user". The words "lack of vision" and "imagination-less" come to mind. Come on, man-- Really???!!! You, of all people, said that? No, I am not going to argue the point because the chasm between your view and mine is just so wide on this matter, well, it is just going to have to be another grand statement from my view to counter yours. OK, so here's one-- It is WAY more likely than not that the computing power of machines will never be sufficient for the needs of humans. Humans have virtually limitless potential and, inasmuch as computers can serve that potential (and it can), the role of computer is virtually limitless-- which means we are likely to always benefit from faster, smaller, better, smarter, computers at-large. BTW, the "death of PC" is an old red-herring-- it has been Larry Ellison's battle-cry for a long time... ...and guess what? Happy trails.
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Such "taxation" is not just, especially given the excesses and the spending or abortion, contraception, etc, etc. That said, there is free blog hosting offered by WordPress. I am not sure if you can get a "good" domain name pointed there for free. But it is possible to get something like your name, for example I got which is fine for me. Not ideal, but OK. Just a thought. God bless you, Jimmy. We are all SO blessed to have you share what you have been given with us. Thank you. - Mark Kamoski
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Jul 22, 2011